Home Modifications

We provide a wide range of Home Modification options to help and assist you in your home for the sole purpose of making your day to day easier. Call us now to see how  03-901-339-40
Our range of Home Modifications:


  • Bathroom Mod (minor) - this involves for example, moving  a bathtub or enlarging a shower access 

  • Bathroom Mod (major) - this involves extensive structural changes such as the removal or a bathtub or shower, electrical work, relocating plumbing, widening a doorway, waterproofing or changes to the fit out such as taps, toilet, rails, paint tiles, etc.

  • Bathroom Mod (Combo) - Such works as combining toilets, showers and laundry and all such works to complete this task.

  • Kitchen Adaptation - modifications to a kitchen to assist a person/s with a disability to access and use and facilitate the functional use of the kitchen.

  • Minor Miscellaneous Adjustments - examples include door adjustments, safety installations and bathroom fittings.

  • Timber Ramps with Galvanised Rails - as described for ease of access to an area.

We provide services by quality and dedicated personnel to complete these works and who specialise in these installations and changes. Contact us now for a quote >>